Optimize for production usage

If you want to use Sulu in production there are a few more optimizations you can do than just switching to the prod environment. The Symfony documentation already gives an introduction into deploying applications. Since Sulu is also a Symfony application all these tips also apply to deploying Sulu.

This cookbook entry will show even more ways to optimize the performance of Sulu in a production environment.

Enable doctrine caches

The Symfony documentation already describes how to activate caching for the metadata, queries and results in its DoctrineBundle documentation.

If you have APC installed and want to enable caching using APC you can just uncomment the following lines in app/config/admin/config_prod.yml and app/config/website/config_prod.yml:

        metadata_cache_driver: apc
        result_cache_driver: apc
        query_cache_driver: apc

In case you want to use other caching providers you should have a look at the DoctrineBundle documentation, where the configuration of other providers is explained.