Enable the adobe creative suite

Sulu supports the usage of the image editor provided by Adobe Creative SDK. Enabling the image editor is a two step process, since the SDK requires an API key to run inside your application.


Be aware that the images are sent to the adobe servers for editing if you use the adobe creative suite.

Getting the API key

Use the My Apps page to register your own application. If you don’t have an account yet create one. Afterwards create an application for the web platform. Follow the instructions and copy the API key which will be shown at the end.

Configure Sulu to use the API key

After retrieving the API key you have to configure Sulu to use that API key. Therefore you have to set the sulu_media.adobe_create_key configuration option. You can do that e.g. in the app/config/admin/config.yml file.

    adobe_creative_key: your-api-key

Afterwards there should be another option available in the media edit overlay called “Edit original image”.