How to define a default-snippet?

Sulu gives the content-manager an easy way to define default snippets per type. These default-snippets will be automatically used if the snippet-selection is empty on a specific page. This default selection will will not be displayed in the form and can have a big impact on the page.


This feature is disabled by default and can be activated by setting the config value sulu_snippet.types.snippet.default_enabled to true. After that you need to activate the rights to access the default snippets in the user role section.


The default snippets will be used if the following conditions are fulfilled.

  1. The feature has to be activated
  2. The snippet-selection parameter snippetType and default has to be defined. See Snippet.
  3. The default snippet for the configured type has to be selected in the webspace settings.

This conditions match the default snippet will be injected into the page.

Usage without the content type

To get the default snippet for a specific type the developer can use the twig-function sulu_snippet_load_default.