Media Properties Provider

Media properties providers are used to gather data for a given file. Sulu will save the provided properties to the respective FileVersion entity which can be accessed in twig templates and PHP code.

Sulu is shipped with the following providers:

Image Properties Provider

The ImagePropertiesProvider works for every image which is supported by the configured imagine adapter and provides the width and height of an image. This information can be used in CSS to provide placeholder images or other kind of things.

Video Properties Provider

The VideoPropertiesProvider requires that ffprobe is configured and installed on your server. When it is available the provider will return the duration, width and height of the video.

Create custom Properties Provider

It is possible to register a custom media properties provider in your project. To do this, you create a new service that implements the PropertiesProviderInterface:


namespace App\Media\PropertiesProvider;

use Sulu\Bundle\MediaBundle\Media\PropertiesProvider\MediaPropertiesProviderInterface;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\File;

class ExifPropertiesProvider implements MediaPropertiesProviderInterface
    public function provide(File $file): array
        $mimeType = $file->getMimeType();

        if (!$mimeType || !\fnmatch('image/*', $mimeType)) {
            return [];

        $properties = [];

        $exifData = exif_read_data($file->getPathname(), 'EXIF');

        if (isset($exifData['EXIF_HEADER_NAME'])) {
            $properties['exif_header_name'] = $exifData['EXIF_HEADER_NAME'];

        return $properties;

When autoconfigure is disabled you need to make sure that you tag the service with the sulu_media.media_properties_provider tag.

# config/services.yaml
        - { name: 'sulu_media.media_properties_provider' }

After this, the service should be listed when executing the following command:

php bin/adminconsole debug:container --tag sulu_media.media_properties_provider