Improve Sitemap Speed

The sitemap of Sulu is based on small pieces, which are generated by so called SitemapProvider (see Provider for XML-Sitemap). Each provider returns mostly 50000 links which can return many links, which would take a bigger amount of time. The Google bot does not wait a long time for the sitemap to be returned.

To improve the speed of the sitemap page, Sulu provides a command for pre-generating the page and cache it on the filesystem. The should be called in a cron-job to keep the pre-generated sitemap up to date.


This is a performance optimization for very big websites. In 99% of the cases, the optimization is not necessary and the sitemap can be generated on the fly.

bin/websiteconsole sulu:website:dump-sitemap

If you use the {host} replacer in your webspace url configuration, you need to set the Symfony default_uri config option for generating the URLs of your sitemap items via a command. Have a look at the official Symfony Documentation about Generating URLs in Commands for more information.

# config/packages/framework.yaml
        default_uri: ''


You can use %env(DEFAULT_URI)% to set the configuration via an environment variables.

If you are using a Symfony version before 5.1, you need to configure the router context parameters instead of the default_uri option:

# config/services.yaml
    router.request_context.scheme: 'https' ''

Switch back to on the fly generation

If you want to switch back to on the fly generation, you need to remove the exist pre-generated sitemaps from the var directory.

By default, pre-generated sitemaps are stored in the following directory in the prod environment:

rm -rf var/cache/website/prod/sulu/sitemaps/