Provider for XML-Sitemap

SitemapProvider are used to load data for the XML-Sitemap. It returns an array of SitemapUrl instances. This API has to be paginated because Google only allows 50000 urls in a single Sitemap. The SitemapController takes care of generating a sitemapindex if more than one Provider or more than one pages are available. Otherwise it will deliver a the Sitemap of the first Provider.

The SitemapUrl consists of the following properties:

  • loc - Url to page.

  • locale - Locale of the page

  • defaultLocale - Default locale of the page

  • lastmod (optional) - Latest modification datetime.

  • changefreq (optional) - Frequency of change (see SitemapUrl::CHANGE_FREQUENCY_* constants)

  • priority (optional) - Priority of page in relation to other pages.

  • alternateLinks (optional) - Alternate links like other representations or translations

The Sulu core provides a single Provider for pages (including homepage). Custom modules can provide their own Providers that this URLs also will be published over the sitemap.xml.


This is a simple example which assumes that the logic to load entities is implemented in the Repository.


namespace AppBundle\Sitemap;

use AppBundle\Entity\ExampleRepository;
use Sulu\Bundle\WebsiteBundle\Sitemap\Sitemap;
use Sulu\Bundle\WebsiteBundle\Sitemap\SitemapProviderInterface;
use Sulu\Bundle\WebsiteBundle\Sitemap\SitemapUrl;

class SitemapProvider implements SitemapProviderInterface
    public function __construct(private ExampleRepository $repository)

    public function build($page, $scheme, $host)
        $result = [];
        foreach ($this->repository->findAllForSitemap($page, self::PAGE_SIZE) as $item) {
            $result[] = new SitemapUrl(
                $scheme . '://' . $host . $item->getUrl(),

        return $result;

    public function getAlias()
        return 'myalias';

    public function createSitemap($scheme, $host)
        return new Sitemap($this->getAlias(), $this->getMaxPage($scheme, $host));

    public function getMaxPage($scheme, $host)
        if ($host !== '') {
            // If the pages are only for a specific
            return 0;

        return ceil($this->repository->countForSitemap() / self::PAGE_SIZE);

If you are not using autowiring you need to tag the service with sulu.sitemap.provider.