Single Media selection


Shows a list with the possibility to assign a single asset from the media section to a page. Also allows to define a position, which can be handled later in the template.


Parameter Type Description
types string A comma separated list of available asset types to assign. Each item in the list must be one of document, image, video or audio.
displayOptions collection A collection of booleans, which defines to which positions the assets can be assigned (leftTop, top, rightTop, …)
defaultDisplayOption string Defines which of the displayOptions is the default one

Return value

See the Media object for available variables and functions.


<property name="document" type="single_media_selection">
        <title lang="en">Document</title>

Extended Example

<property name="image" type="single_media_selection">
        <title lang="en">Image</title>

        <param name="types" value="image,video"/>

        <param name="displayOptions" type="collection">
            <param name="leftTop" value="true"/>
            <param name="top" value="true"/>
            <param name="rightTop" value="true"/>
            <param name="left" value="true"/>
            <param name="middle" value="false"/>
            <param name="right" value="true"/>
            <param name="leftBottom" value="true"/>
            <param name="bottom" value="true"/>
            <param name="rightBottom" value="true"/>

        <param name="defaultDisplayOption" value="left"/>