Single Contact selection


Let you assign one contact from the contact section to the page.


Parameter Type Description
item_disabled_condition string Allows to set a jexl expression that evaluates if an item should be displayed as disabled. Disabled items cannot be selected.
allow_deselect_for_disabled_items bool Defines if the user should be able to deselect an item that is disabled. Default value is true.

Return value

See the ContactInterface for available variables and functions.


<property name="contact" type="single_contact_selection">
        <title lang="en">Contact</title>


You need to use the sulu_resolve_media if you want to render the contact avatar image.

{% set contact = %}
{{ contact.fullName }}

{% if contact.avatar %}
    {% set image = sulu_resolve_media(contact.avatar, app.request.locale) %}

    <img src="{{ image.thumbnails['80x80'] }}" alt="{{ contact.fullName }}">
{% endif %}