Data Fixtures

The Sulu DocumentManager integration includes a fixture loader which allows you to load static data into your content repository.

Getting Started

Shown below is the simple data fixtures:

// YourBundle/DataFixtures/Document/SomeFixture.php

namespace YourBundle\DataFixtures\Document;

use Sulu\Component\DocumentManager\DocumentManager;
use Sulu\Bundle\DocumentManagerBundle\DataFixtures\DocumentFixtureInterface;
use Sulu\Component\Content\Document\WorkflowStage;

class SomeFixture implements DocumentFixtureInterface
    public function getOrder()
        return 10;

    public function load(DocumentManager $documentManager)
        $document = $documentManager->create('page');

        /** @var \Sulu\Bundle\ContentBundle\Document\PageDocument $document */
        $document = $documentManager->create('page');
        $document->setTitle('foo bar page');
            'title' => 'foo bar page'

                'title' => 'foo title',
                'description' => 'bar description',
                'categories' => [],
                'tags' => []

        $documentManager->persist($document, 'en', array(
            'parent_path' => '/cmf/sulu_io/contents',

Note that:

  • The class name MUST end with Fixture for it to be recognized
  • The class MUST be placed in <your bundle>/DataFixtures/Document in order for it to be loaded automatically.

You can now execute your data fixture using the sulu:document:fixtures:load command.

$ php app/console sulu:document:fixtures:load

By default this command will purge and re-initialize the workspace before loading all of the fixtures.


Unless you use the –append option, your workspace will be purged!

Advanced Usage

You can specify directories instead of having the command automatically find the fixtures:

$ php app/console sulu:document:fixtures:load --fixtures=/path/to/fixtures1 --fixtures=/path/to/fixtures2

You can also specify if fixturs should be appended (i.e. the repository will not be purged) and if the initializer should be executed.

Append fixtures:

$ php app/console sulu:document:fixtures:load --append

Do not initialize:

$ php app/console sulu:document:fixtures:load --no-initialize

Using the Service Container

If you need the service container you can implement the SymfonyComponentDependencyInjectionContainerAwareInterface:

// YourBundle/DataFixtures/Document/SomeFixture.php

namespace YourBundle\DataFixtures\Document;

use Sulu\Bundle\DocumentManagerBundle\DataFixtures\DocumentFixtureInterface;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerAwareInterface;
use Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface;

class SomeFixture implements DocumentFixtureInterface implements ContainerAwareInterface
    private $container;

    public function setContainer(ContainerInterface $container = null)
        $this->container = $container;