Parameter ReferenceΒΆ

You can customize your Sulu installation by changing parameter values of the app/config/parameters.yml file. This guide documents each of the keys in this file.

Parameter Description
database_driver Defines which database driver will be used
database_host The address of the server that is running the database
database_port The port used to access the database on the server
database_name The name of the database
database_user The name of the database user
database_password The password of the database user
mailer_transport The protocol to send mails
mailer_host The server from which the mails will be sent
mailer_user The username for sending mails
mailer_password The password for sending mails
locale The default locale for the system
secret An unique key needed by the symfony framework A name, which will be shown in the administration interface Administrator email address
websocket_port The port which will be used for the content preview in the HTTP polling mode
websocket_url The URL which will be used for the content preview in the HTTP polling mode
phpcr_backend The PHPCR backend definition, defaults to the doctrine-dbal, check the PHPCR documentation for more configuration options
phpcr_workspace The PHPCR workspace which will be used
phpcr_user The user for phpcr
phpcr_pass The password for phpcr
phpcr_cache PHPCR caching type