A glossary is:

A list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with their definitions.

This page aims to list all of the terminology used within Sulu both as a reference and as a guide to use when naming things in the code-base.


Of a Structure – a named set of Properties. Used by blocks. ??


Documents are the domain representation of nodes from the PHPCR content repository. For example “PageDocument”, or “SnippetDocument”.

The namespace used within components/bundles for all things relating to document the document manager component.

Document type

The short name for a class of document, for example “page” the name of the PageDocument class.


Represents a linguistic region, for example de, de_at, en or en_us.


Of a Property - the state of being localized, or capable of being translated.


Literally data about data. Typically a data structure with information such as field mappings which should be applied to a different data structure.

In the context of Sulu this applied to Structures, Properties and Documents.


Of a Property - the state of not being localized, not capable of being translated.


Always refers to the path of an object within the content repository, for example /cmf/sulu_io/contents/animals/dog is a path.


A page is basic type of document. Pages are accessible directly with URLs and they represent pages of your website.


In relation to Property and Structure items; a configuration parameter which relates to the configuration of the content type.


The former part of a web facing URL which is defined by the portal, it is followed by the resource locator. The prefix may include the locale.


This term refers to the items in a Structure.

Property Type

Property types are the way Sulu represents different types of “content”. For example, email, text and smart_content are three examples of Sulu Property Types

Resource locator

The later part of a web facing URL belonging to some document, excluding the host and prefix segment. For example /articles/foo is a resource locator, however /de/articles/foo and are not. The resource locator will never include the locale.


As applying to URLs and Paths - a section of a path or URL, presumably delimited by /.


Of a document. A localized document can specify that it should be loaded in a different locale. The target locale is called the “shadow” locale.

Workflow Stage

The stage of the workflow, for example “published” and “test” are stages.


Snippets are like pages except that they are not accessible directly with URLs. Snippets are typically aggregated within pages.


Structures represent dynamic content in Sulu. A structure is a collection of Properties.

Structure type

The name of a given structure, e.g. overview, hotel or article.


In Sulu a webspace encapsulates all of the data of one or more domains which use the same data.

Webspace Document

The document at the root of the webspace tree – the homepage.