Content Type ReferenceΒΆ

As already described in Creating a Page Template a template consists of multiple content types, which enable the user to manage content in a semantic way.

The simplest template possible looks something like the this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<template xmlns=""


        <title lang="en">Default</title>

        <property name="title" type="text_line" mandatory="true">
                <title lang="en">Title</title>

            <tag name="sulu.rlp.part"/>

        <property name="url" type="resource_locator" mandatory="true">
                <title lang="en">Resourcelocator</title>

            <tag name="sulu.rlp"/>

This chapter will describe which types you can insert within the properties tag. Every content type in the documentation comes with an example property tag to clarify the usage.

This documentation also specifies the available parameters and tags for each content type: