Single page selection


Shows a field, on which exactly one link to another page can be assigned.


Parameter Type Description
item_disabled_condition string Allows to set a jexl expression that evaluates if an item should be displayed as disabled. Disabled items cannot be selected.
allow_deselect_for_disabled_items bool Defines if the user should be able to deselect an item that is disabled. Default value is true.
request_parameters collection Collection of parameters that are appended to the requests sent by the selection.
resource_store_properties_to_request collection Collection of property names. The value of the respective properties are appended to the requests sent by the selection.


<property name="link" type="single_page_selection">
        <title lang="en">Link</title>


The content type only returns the UUID of the target page at the moment. If you want to render a link to the page, you can use the sulu-link tag:

<sulu-link href="{{ }}">Link Text</sulu-link>

If you need to load additional data of the target page, you can use the sulu_content_load twig extension:

{% set target = sulu_content_load(, {'title': 'title', 'excerptTitle': 'excerpt.title'}) %}