Resource locator


Shows a text line with a non-editable prefix, which represents the routes to this position in the content tree. The part of the current page can be edited in the available text line. Additionally there is a button with the URL history of the current page, where parts of the history can also be deleted or reactivated.


Tag Description
sulu.rlp The resource locator with this tag defines the URL to a specific page.
sulu.rlp.part Fields marked with this tag are used to generate the URL for a specific page. If more than one field ist marked, the values of these fields will be concatenated into the resource locator.


No parameters available


<property name="title" type="text_line">
    <tag name="sulu.rlp.part"/>

<property name="subtitle" type="text_line">
    <tag name="sulu.rlp.part"/>

<property name="url" type="resource_locator">
        <title lang="en">Resource locator</title>

    <tag name="sulu.rlp"/>


You need to use the sulu_content_path twig extension to render the full url.

{{ sulu_content_path(content.url) }}