When is Sulu the right choice?

Sulu isn’t made for everyone. There are some requirements where other Content Management Systems are better.

Sulu is the right choice when you can answer some of the following questions with yes.

  • Do you want to work with the Symfony stack?

  • You got a running app based on Symfony and want to add a content management layer?

  • Do you need a clean, solid development setup?

  • Default solutions won’t fit the requirements?

  • You want to create a modern website based on modern technology?

  • Do you need total freedom over your frontend code?

  • Does your project require multiple languages?

  • Should there be several portals?

  • Usability and design of the backend are important?

Answering some of the following questions with yes, may be a hint that another technology may be a better pick.

  • You want to choose from tons of ready to use templates?

  • You want to create a simple blog?

  • You have never used Symfony before?

  • You want to host the website yourself and have no experience in server setup?

No matter what the outcome of our little survey is, we’d love to show you more about Sulu.