Return the parent of the Structure with the given UUID

{% set page = sulu_content_load_parent('1234-1234-1234-1234', {
    'title': 'title',
    'excerptTitle': 'excerpt.title',
    'url': 'url',
}) %}


  • uuid: string - UUID of child structure
  • properties: array - Array of properties of the structure that should be loaded


  • array
    • content: Content of page
    • view: View of page
    • extension: Extensions of page
    • uuid: UUID of page
    • template: Template name of page
    • changed: Changed date of page
    • changer: User ID of changer
    • created: Date of creation
    • creator: User ID of creator
    • urls: Urls of page (Deprecated)
    • published: Publish date of page
    • shadowBaseLocale: Shadow locale of page


Calling the sulu_content_load_parent twig extension without the properties argument loads and resolves all properties of the target. This is an expensive operation that has a negative impact on the performance and therefore is deprecated.