Snippet Selection


Allows to select an arbitrary number of snippets. Snippets are reusable pieces of content that can be included on multiple pages. The assigned snippets will be saved as an array of references.

Currently this content type does not support multiple areas and types.


Parameter Type Description
types string If set, only snippets of the type can be selected.
default string If set, the default snippet of the given area will be used as fallback value if no snippet is selected.
loadExcerpt boolean If set to true, the taxonomies information of the snippet is loaded into a “taxonomies” property.
item_disabled_condition string Allows to set a jexl expression that evaluates if an item should be displayed as disabled. Disabled items cannot be selected.
allow_deselect_for_disabled_items bool Defines if the user should be able to deselect an item that is disabled. Default value is true.
sortable bool Defines if the user should be able to sort the selected items. Default value is true.
request_parameters collection Collection of parameters that are appended to the requests sent by the selection.
resource_store_properties_to_request collection Collection of property names. The value of the respective properties are appended to the requests sent by the selection.
min string The minimum number of selected snippets
max string The maximum number of selected snippets


<property name="snippets" type="snippet_selection">
        <title lang="en">Snippets</title>

        <param name="types" value="sidebar"/>
        <param name="default" value="footer_social_media_links"/>
        <param name="loadExcerpt" value="true"/>


{% for snippet in content.snippets %}
    {{ snippet.title }}
{% endfor %}