How to deactivate the RequestAnalyzer?

The RequestAnalyzer has the very important task of recognizing e.g. at which webspace and locale the current request is targeted. It also recognizes if the current request is not valid based on some rules, e.g. if there is no webspace available at the requested URL. In this case the RequestAnalyzer throws an exception, which makes it quite easy to find about errors in your webspace configuration.

However, this behavior might be disturbing for requests in which you are fully aware that there is no webspace available and you also do not need one. For these special requests the RequestAnalyzer can be easily turned off.

This is achieved using the request attributes from Symfony. Sulu scans this property for field called _requestAnalyzer, and avoids calling it when this attribute is set to false. The easiest way to achieve this is using the routing configuration file, which might look something like this:

    path: /some-url
        _controller: SuluExampleBundle:Controller:index
        _requestAnalyzer: false