Pass additional data to your template using a custom controller

Templates include a controller tag that defines which controller is used for rendering pages of the template. Sulu includes a DefaultController that resolves the data of the properties of the template and passes it to your twig template. If you want to pass additional data to your twig template, you can configure a custom controller class that provides this data.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<template xmlns=""


Inside of your controller implementation, you are free to harness the full power of the Symfony framework. If you want to access a service, you need to implement the getSubscribedServices method like described in the Service Subscribers Documentation.

In most cases, you want your custom controller to extend the functionality of the DefaultController of Sulu. When extending the DefaultController, you only need to overwrite the getAttributes method to include the data that should be passed to your twig template.


namespace App\Controller\Website;

use Sulu\Bundle\WebsiteBundle\Controller\DefaultController;
use Sulu\Component\Content\Compat\StructureInterface;

class CustomController extends DefaultController
    protected function getAttributes($attributes, StructureInterface $structure = null, $preview = false)
        $attributes = parent::getAttributes($attributes, $structure, $preview);
        $attributes['myData'] = $this->get('my_custom_service')->getMyData();

        return $attributes;

    public static function getSubscribedServices()
        $subscribedServices = parent::getSubscribedServices();
        $subscribedServices['my_custom_service'] = 'your_service_id_or_class';

        return $subscribedServices;