Maintenance Mode

When you need to deploy a new version of your project on a production environment it is often necessary to disable your sulu-application and inform your users about it.

Sulu maintenance mode displays a simple holding page which can be easily customized.

Activate Maintenance Mode

Sulu is shipped with a simple maintenance page stored in public/maintenance.php file which can be changed for your needs.

To activate the maintenance mode you need to set the environment variable SULU_MAINTENANCE to true. For example, in your .htaccess file or vhost file for apache:


For nginx you can configure the maintenance mode in the php part of your vhost by adding:

fastcgi_param SULU_MAINTENANCE true;

Configure Maintenance Mode

Allowed IP addresses

You may like to access your application while maintenance mode is active. Then you need to set the allowed IPs:

$allowedIPs = [''];


You can define translations for your template as follows:

$translations = [
   'en' => [
      'title' => 'Maintenance',
      'heading' => 'The page is currently down for maintenance',
      'description' => 'Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please try again shortly.',

Default locale

By default, maintenance.php is automatically detecting your browsers language. If no translation for this language exists the default locale is being used. By default this is English:

define('DEFAULT_LOCALE', 'en');