The content-repository was developed to query the content raw-data. The developer can decide which properties will be loaded.

The main goal of the repository is to centralize the core features ghost, shadow and internal links. These things will be handled full automatically. If you are using this repository.


There are two ways to use it. One in the front-end over an rest-api and one with a backend service.


The URL of the API is /admin/api/pages or /admin/api/pages/<uuid>.

The mandatory parameters are:

Name Example Description
locale de Localization which will be used.
webspace sulu_io Webspace from which content will be loaded.
fields ‘’ Comma separated list of properties.


If the parameter fields is not set the content will be resolved with the slow legacy system (which is deprecated).

You can specify following optional parameters:

Name Default Description
exclude-ghosts false If true ghost will be filtered.
exclude-shadows false If true shadows will be filtered.

Over the mapping you can specify which properties will be loaded by the repository (for example: ‘title,order,article’).

The list endpoint also accepts a parent parameter. If this parameter is set the given page will be used to query for children else the webspace root is default.


The id of the service is sulu_page.content_repository. The methods can be used as described in the phpdocs.

The mapping variable contains information for the mapping process.

Name Description
hydrateShadow if this is false no shadow pages will be returned.
hydrateGhost if this is false no ghost pages will be returned.
followInternalLink if this is false the link will not be resolved.
properties List of hydrated properties

You can build this mapping over the mapping builder:

$mapping = MappingBuilder::create()