What is Sulu’s focus?

While developing Sulu we had a special vision in mind. Besides “Content management made awesome” we wanted to create a technology that

  • supports what a business needs.

  • looks good and is easy to use.

  • helps developers excel.


Our world is going global. Businesses target several markets where several languages are spoken. Companies are split into brands with dozens of products. Complex structures arise. With Sulu we build up a data pool which feeds a set of portals in a couple of languages.


We put a lot of love and manpower into the design and user interface of our administration area. Editors are guided intuitive through a clean set of organized screens. The live preview provides immediate and robust visual feedback. You can’t create ugly content, it will directly get back on you.


Developers should focus on building awesome applications. They should not think about where they put things and how to structure them. They also shouldn’t think about on how to hack stuff. That’s why we chose Symfony as a base. A clean, modern framework that allows developers to adapt, extend and modify functionality where ever they want.

We learned what Sulu focus on. Next we’ll show what comes with Sulu in a basic installation.