Media selection


Shows a list with the possibility to assign some assets from the media section to a page. Also allows to define a position, which can be handled later in the template.


Parameter Type Description
types string A comma separated list of available asset types to assign. Each item in the list must be one of document, image, video or audio.
displayOptions collection A collection of booleans, which defines to which positions the assets can be assigned (leftTop, top, rightTop, …)
defaultDisplayOption string Defines which of the displayOptions is the default one
formats collection A collection of image formats, which will be available when opening the cropping overlay in the page form. Contains all image formats by default.


<property name="images" type="media_selection">
        <title lang="en">Images</title>

        <param name="types" value="image,video"/>
        <param name="displayOptions" type="collection">
            <param name="leftTop" value="true"/>
            <param name="top" value="true"/>
            <param name="rightTop" value="true"/>
            <param name="left" value="true"/>
            <param name="middle" value="false"/>
            <param name="right" value="true"/>
            <param name="leftBottom" value="true"/>
            <param name="bottom" value="true"/>
            <param name="rightBottom" value="true"/>
        <param name="defaultDisplayOption" value="left"/>
        <param name="formats" type="collection">
            <param name="640x960" />