This bundle activates the collaboration feature of Sulu. It shows a label, when other content managers are currently editing the same record. It works with and without websockets, whereby the version with websockets notifies the content editors in real time. If websockets are not activated the first editor opening the record will not see any notification in case another editor opens the record. However, all the following editors will see a warning containing the usernames of the editors having the record opened at the time.

The bundle saves this data in the cache, so that it is working in combination with AJAX polling and even continues to work if the websockets has crashed in between. The records are identified by a type, which is a simple string uniquely describing the type of record (e.g. page or contact) and the identifier of the record.

The following code snippet shows how the collaboration feature can be activated in any component:

collaboration: function() {
    if (! {

    return {
        type: 'example'

The first statement checks if an id is set and returns early if not. This is what we usually want, since no id indicates that a new record is created and there will not be a conflict if two users are adding new records at the same time.

The return value of the method is used by a JavaScript hook, which starts the collaboration component with these options.